The Best Grass for a Cold Climate

grass - cold weather In this instance you will require a grass that can withstand extremely cold conditions.  There are a wide variety of seeds available for growing such a lawn and the task of selecting the correct one can be daunting.  If you do not choose a cold climate seed, then your lawn will not survive rigorous cold climates.

If you live in an area where you face hard winter weather conditions – frost or even snow – then educate yourself well as to the correct lawn seeds to use.  It is preferable to select two or even three varieties of seed and mix them together rather than trying to succeed with only one kind of seed.  Below are four suggested seeds to use for a cold climate:

Kentucky Bluegrass.             An extremely hardy lawn, especially in cold weather areas.  This grass will require a lot of mowing as it has a fine texture and grows rapidly into empty spaces. Not a species to have if you live near the sea, or for areas in shade.  There are seven varieties of  Kentucky Bluegrass which are:



Nu Destiny




All of the above will tolerate the cold climate well.

Fine Leaf Fescue       This particular variety (unlike Kentucky Bluegrass) will actually thrive in any shaded area.  If you have shade trees in your back yard then this seed will suit you well. This species does extremely well in drought areas and other varieties such as the Aurora variety, are well known for its ability to resist disease.  For other disease ridden, drought resistant seeds you could look at Chewing, Red Creeping and any Hard varieties.

Tall Fescur                 Very much akin to Fine Leaf Fescue, Tall Fescue is hardy and drought resistant.  Try looking for the Jaguar 3 and Arid varieties.  This grass tolerates traffic well.

Perennial Ryegrass   As mentioned before, you are best to mix your seeds when selecting them and Perennial Ryegrass is an ideal mix species.  It has a medium texture, is hardy and last the winter periods well.  Mixing with perennial Ryegrass with your other chosen brands will result in the Ryegrass acting as a filler grass to keep your lawn full in winter and summer.

There is a lot of work involved in caring for your lawn to ensure it stays thick and healthy.  If you dream of having such a lawn, but lack the ability or time needed, then think of employing a local professional like DH Landscaping.  For help go to our Contact Us page and call or email us for a speedy reply.