Lawn Care – 3 Ways to Pamper Your Lawn

Fertilising the lawn is great lawn careLawn care is more than just watering occasionally. There are many ways to fertilise your lawn, some good some bad.  The correct way is crucial to ensure your lawn is healthy and green.  Below are three correct ways to make your lawn the best in the street.

Lawn Care means using the right fertiliser to suit your grass.

The first thing you must do before selecting your fertiliser, you must know the type of grass you will be feeding.  Many gardens contain lawns that are made up of several different kinds of grass, you should try to find out what the main grass is.

Most fertilizers available in your DIY shop are generic to try and please all kinds of grass rather than just the one.  The problem with this kind of feed is that it could do more harm than good by spoiling your soil’s pH balance, actually killing the roots and encouraging growth of nasty weeds.

If you are wondering how you could possibly know what type of grass you are growing, you could try the internet for information, however good advice from a professional is probably the safest way to go.

Consider natural/organic fertiliser options.

Once you have established the type of grass you have, ‘lawn care’ kicks in and selecting the right fertilizer is essential .  Lots of “off the shelf” products contain toxic chemicals that are pollutants.  The run off from your lawn will end up in your water supply which could ultimately threaten your family and pet’s well being.

So always try to buy organic.  There are many brands to choose from (read the labels carefully here), and they will all help to keep your lawn looking lush and green and won’t upset your eco-friendly stance.

It is easy to purchase organic fertilisers from most stores that sell garden products, but there are also  some other alternatives.

Composting – use all your organic waste, cheap and easy to produce.

Grass Clipping – after mowing you lawn, sprinkle the cuttings across the lawn again, this will turn to feed for your lawn – fertilising the green way.

Fertilize at the right times.

Timing the fertilisation of your grass is a very important part of lawn care.  It depends on the kind of climate you live in.  If you live where the winters are cold, then choose Autumn to fertilise your lawn.  In Warmer climates, your lawn would best suit being fed in spring – before the rainy season hits.

If you live in a warm climate ensure you do not feed during long hot periods without rain.  Fertiliser used in hot weather will actually burn your grass.

Also, try to feed just before it rains so the grass adsorbs the fertilizer and this in turn will assist the with getting the food to the roots of your grass.  If you feed and the grass does not get wet, then the feed may very well burn your grass.  If there is no rain, then water your lawn well, in the start, deep water to ensure seeds are well wet while growing.

Keeping a healthy, green, good looking lawn is no easy task.  If you have any concerns about lawn care or any other garden related issue, get expert advice from competent, qualified horticulturists such as DH Landscaping who can be contacted via email on  “Big or Small they Do It All”.