Landscaping Hobart – Planting a Lawn in 5 Easy Steps

hand with grass seedLandscaping Hobart would not be complete without the grass lawn. Planting and creating a new lawn is hard work, but is a job that you can do yourself if you follow the guidelines and don’t mind dedicating yourself to the process.  Achieving that lush green lawn is easier than you may think, just follow the steps listed below:

Remove the old turf.

Of course you have to start with the dirty – hard slog way.  Clear the ground of all weeds, grass or any plant growth to ensure your new lawn has the best possible chance to thrive.

There are four ways to complete this task.

  • Apply a herbicide to kill all plant life
  • Letting nature take it’s course and cover the growth with plastic leaving the sun to complete the task of killing everything under the plastic.
  • Manually using a fork or a hoer to remove the topmost portion of the soil (really hard work)
  • Hire a front end loader and remove the top 8cm of soil at least (quick and easy)


Ensure your soil slopes away from your house.  A rule of thumb is to allow around two inches every ten fee with no more that 30 cm every 1.2m.  If it’s too steep the water will run off, along with any loose topsoil.  If it is not steep enough you will end up with muddy puddles.

Check The Health of Your Lawn

It is vitally important that you measure the pH of your soil so you can ascertain if any changes or additives are necessary.  You can purchase kits from your hardware store so you are able to complete this task with relative accuracy, or you can send it away to a soil tester for a complete report on the soil and what is needed to improve it.  The sorts of things you may have to add are fertilizer, organic matter, lime or sulfur.

Prepare The Soil Bed.

Finely rake the soil carefully to ensure you leave no stones or other debris which could hinder the grass from growing.  Once the soil is clean and free from lumps and bumps, pat the soil down to ensure the surface is firm enough to give the grass seeds support while growing and stop the seed from dropping too far into the soil making it difficult for the seedling to get to the surface and start to grow.  Most important now is to water the soil thoroughly each day for at least two days before sowing your seed

When Landscaping Hobart Time To Plant Your Seeds.

Prior to actually planting your seeds, apply a fertilizer – the manufacturer of the seeds you purchased will recommend the best one to use.  Just sprinkle the fertilizer on the top soil (do not work into the soil) and do not walk on the surface too much prior to and during sowing of the seeds. Once you have laid the fertilizer, let it stand for around two weeks before seeding.

The easiest way to sow the seed is by using a spreader (any hardware store will sell these) or you can simply use your hand to spread the seeds evenly over the soil.  After this rake around an eighth of an inch lightly, this will let the seed fall through and not blow away with the wind and will encourage germination.  Water again. – Congratulations, you have just planted your lawn.

There is a lot of work and knowledge needed to keep your lawn looking perfect.  You can study the internet and find out the best way and purchase the fertilizers necessary, however if you are not rich with time it is probably best to trust your lawn upkeep to a professional such as DH Landscaping, who are highly qualified and come highly recommended to ensure a top job is done every time.  Go to the Contact Us page to either email or phone us for a speedy response.