Gardening Tasmania and 7 Steps to Laying Turf

Gardening Tasmania and Laying TurfGardening Tasmania realise that most people like lawns and dream of having a lush, green lawn on which to sit of just to enjoy the aesthetics.  You can install your own lawn , and for this I suggest you read our articles under lawn care.  This is a long, often tedious method in which to start your dream lawn.

If you prefer, or need to get that beautiful lawn quickly, then laying turf is the ideal alternative.  Turf can also be laid just about any time during the year, whereas planting seed needs more careful consideration.

There are several steps involved when laying your turf.

  1. The obvious first step is to remove all weeds.  It is vitally important that all weeds are eradicated, or they will grow through the turf making them harder to get rid of later.  You can dig up all the weeds, or apply a weed killer, such as glyphosate which you would apply two weeks prior to preparing your soil.
  2. You will need to lay a good base for your turf to adhere to.  A sand mixture such as washed river sand can be used and should be laid about 50mm in depth. If your soil is heavy clay, then increased preparation is required like laying gypsum and then 100mm of sand.
  3. The most often ignored step is the leveling of the soil.  It is vitally important that the soil is even and smooth – best tools for this is a rake and a leveler. Don’t rush this section or your turf will have problems taking and growing roots.
  4. Spread a good layer of fertilizer and rake in well, ensuring you do not upset the previous step of leveling.
  5. Be prepared to receive the turf when it is delivered, as it is vital that you lay the turf as soon as it arrives to avoid drying out and the roots dying.  One quick step to ensure this does not happen is to water the rolls that are waiting to be laid. A tip when laying your turf, stagger the lines.  Do not lay the turf with the joins level with the previous row.
  6. We can’t stress the importance of the next step – watering.  The lawn should receive a good watering once laid, and then again every day for about one week.  After the lawn has taken, then watering once a week should be adequate.
  7. The last step is giving your lawn a good roll.  This can be heavy work, so broad shoulders are needed as the best weighted roller recommended is around 45 kgs.  The rolling removes air bubbles and pockets and aids with the bonding of the turf roots to the soil.

There you have it, seven steps to laying your own turf by Gardening Tasmania.

Exhausted just reading this or just don’t have the time and energy to carry out the requirements?  Then Gardening Tasmania wish to suggest you to hire a professional who will ensure that the job is done quickly, professionally and successfully.

We recommend DH Landscaping for such a job.  Contact John Nichols who will be happy to discuss your requirements and supply you with a site inspection and a quote.