Best Grass for a Hot Climate

grass - hot weatherThere is no doubt about it, selecting the correct seed for your garden lawn is a daunting task due to the selection of seeds available on the market.

Although there are a large variety of seeds to choose from, you have to select one, or as a simple tip choose two or even three different seeds that benefit your individual environment to really get the lawn growing.

For example, if you live in a hot climate you should choose the seeds that would best suit you.  Below are five different seeds that would grow well in a hot environment:

Buffalograss       A fairly popular grass in Australia, it originated from North America.  It is drought resistant and quite hardy.  However a word of warning, it doesn’t stand up to too much traffic.   Also it tends to go brown if the temperatures become extremely hot or cold.

St. Augustine.            Undoubtedly one of the finest looking lawns, however (there’s always some small problem isn’t there) it also requires the most attendance.  You will have to keep it well mowed, fertilized and watered regularly (this can be a problem when water restrictions are introduced) to keep it looking it’s best.  It is thick and vigorous growing, tough and blocks weeds well.  If you do decide to choose St. Augustine look for one of the following varieties




Blue Water

Bahia              A hardy variety, it grows well in shady areas and is low growing.  Having a course but dense texture it is ideally suited to high traffic areas, is resistant to weeds and is low maintenance prepared to other grasses.

Bermuda        This grass does not fare well in shady areas, but thrives well in sunlit areas. This is a beautiful grass for walking on in bare feet due to it’s luxurious texture.  The ideal grass if you like to sit, or picnic on your lawn.  Varieties include:



Tifway II

There are many seeds available for sale of the market, John Nicholls chooses to use Strathayre seeds as they have a mixture of seeds that are hardy and extremely reliable.  If in doubt as to the type of grass seed best suit your needs, ask John for advice.