About Us

Before ShotDH Landscaping is the latest venture for John Nichols who started his original business, known as Domestic Horticultural Services over 21 years ago. John is married with two children, has four grandchildren and resides in Southern Tasmania in the beautiful Channel area.

His love for horticulture began when he was a child as he grew up on his parent’s apple farm. During these years he learnt just about everything there is to know about apple farming and more.

Upon leaving school, he had to decide between training in computers or horticulture. The latter won out, as the thought of having to work behind a desk wasn’t appealing and the big outdoor life of  horticulture won through.

John started his career by acting as foreman for a flower farm. He grew a wide range of garden flowers, including bulbs, on a five acre property. From there, John moved on to a leading Landscaping Company, where he stayed for nine years. It was during this time that he studied horticulture at Hobart TAFE being awarded firstly a Certificate in Horticulture and then Advanced Certification in the same field.

In later years he returned to study, graduating with a Diploma in Horticulture, in 2009.  John has worked on projects such as McDonalds Sandy Bay and Newtown, Government unit developments and many new garden set-ups for private customers. His reputation and professional work-ethic has meant that he has retained many of his clients, some of whom have been with him for over 15 years.

Beautiful Gum TreeHe works with a team of three highly experienced people, who are all qualified in some facet of horticulture. A Service Designer, John can complete tasks from planning your new garden to full implementation and maintenance of your property.

Some services can be expensive, but working with John will show you how caring he is. He can split the project into sections to suit your budget, then implement these sections when you are ready so that the garden never looks unfinished.

Landscaping has always been a favourite. From building retaining walls and display gardens to total garden establishment John is the man for the task. Just look at the list of just some of the tasks he can undertake for you.

  • Excavation work
  • Wall building – including decorative stone walls
  • Paving
  • Planting and maintenance of trees – including the services of a qualified arborist
  • Garden design and planting of appropriate plants and flowers to make your garden look fantastic
  • Setting up vegetable gardens
  • Implementing simple or more diversified irrigation systems
  • Lawn establishment and maintenance
  • Turf laying
  • …and the list goes on .

Due to his intimate knowledge of soils, plants etc. John is able to offer a comprehensive consultancy to assess a clients needs before the client commences his own work on a garden. John has also consulted with various small holdings to advise if the land is suitable for certain crop types. He is much sought after in relation to his knowledge of fruit farming.

In the past, at various times, John has applied his skills to some pretty varied occupations, ranging from Real Estate Salesman to Chook Rearer.  However his heart yearned for the open spaces and the joy of creating that perfect garden. If you are new to the state of Tasmania and have acquired a new property, John can advise you as to the best avenues to take to get the best out of your garden while still working within your specifications.

The heavier tasks are also addressed by John acting as a Garden Inspector; For example finding out why your plants won’t grow, solving drainage problems, and offering tree root advice re the suitability of certain trees in particular locations.

Finally if that is not enough, all his work is 100% guaranteed by DH Horticultural Services and DH Landscaping.

If you have any questions to ask, or problems to solve regarding your garden or property, then contact Kelly. The company motto is

“Big or Small, We Do It All”

which epitomizes the services that Kelly and her team can offer. Contact Us.